How do I get to Niagara Falls Convention Centre?

You’re closer than you think. Niagara Falls is a dynamic border city that provides clear driving access to both U.S. (55%) and Canadian (62%) populations. Take the QEW Niagara (Fort Erie-St. Catharines) to reach us from the Greater Toronto Area, or any one of four international bridge (Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Lewiston Bridge, Whirlpool Bridge) crossings to enter into Canada from the U.S.

What are the closest major airports?

Located in the Niagara region, Niagara Falls Convention Centre is serviced by three major airports: Toronto Pearson, Buffalo Niagara, and Hamilton International.

Are there any hotels located nearby?

Niagara Falls Convention Centre is surrounded by many four & five star branded hotels, combining to provide 4,000 guest rooms all within a five-minute walk.

How do I book space?

Please contact our Sales Team directly with your inquiries at 905-357-7010 or email. To view our rooms and spaces, click here.

Can I come for a tour of the facility?

Tours of the facility are offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, subject to availability and building closures. Please contact our Sales Team at 905-357-7010, or email, to arrange a tour.

Can we provide our own food and beverage for our event at the facility?

Our facility is a fully licensed establishment, and all food and beverage services must be supplied exclusively by Niagara Falls Convention Centre. No food and beverage products are to be brought in from outside the premises.

Can I use the NFCC logo and photos to promote my event?

The Media Room gives you access to brand elements and imagery. For additional requests, please contact our Events Team by email.

Does the Centre prefer the French translation on bilingual websites?

Please keep the English spelling ‘Niagara Falls Convention Centre’ rather than translating it to the French equivalent, Centre des congrès de Niagara Falls.


I am an exhibitor looking to order services. How do I do this?

Please visit our Online Orders page to complete this process. For additional assistance, please contact Exhibitor Services at 905-357-6222 ext. 7229 or email.

How do I arrange shipments?

Shipments will only be accepted on your contracted move-in and setup date. Please contact Exhibitor Services at 905-357-6222 ext. 7229 with your questions.

How do I load in/out my materials?

Our loading dock is located on the west side of the building with entrances from Stanley Avenue and Dunn Street. All exhibit materials must be brought in via the loading dock.


How do I see all of the events happening at Niagara Falls Convention Centre?

Our Events Calendar is available online. This Calendar is updated regularly and provides an overview of the event activity taking place at our facility. While the majority of events are listed, some of our clients may prefer that their event is kept private and confidential.

How do I purchase tickets for a public show or event at NFCC?

Our Box Office is open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets online with our exclusive ticket provider, Tickets.com. To contact our Box Office, please call 905-357-7008 or email.

Where can I obtain information about visiting Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls Tourism is the best place to start! Their website allows you to view information on hotels, shops, restaurants, attractions and other services in Niagara Falls. You can also have a look at their FAQs for quick access to the most up-to-date info.

Where do I park for my event?

With more than 800 spaces, parking is conveniently located at the back of our facility and easily accessed via the intersection of Stanley Avenue and Livingston Street. Parking attendants will be present to provide support at pay stations and entry/exit points during events.

Is there a charge to park?

Yes, and parking rates are subject to change based on the nature of the event. For additional parking inquiries, please contact our Events Team by email.

What accessibility services are available?

Niagara Falls Convention Centre has been designed to ensure all our spaces are fully accessible and inclusive. Should you need assistance with a wheelchair, require an assistive hearing device, or request any other accommodations.

Committed to providing an exceptional experience for all and pleased to offer accessible seating throughout the venue. When available, accessible seats may be purchased by contacting our Box Office. Accommodations will be based on availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Certified Sensory Inclusive by KultureCity, you can borrow a sensory bag during your next event with us. Each bag includes noise-cancelling headphones (provided by Puro Sound Labs), fidget tools, verbal cue cards, and a KultureCity lanyard to help staff easily identify guests.

Please call our Box Office during regular business hours at 905-357-6222.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

We are pleased to offer free Wi-Fi in all public spaces throughout the facility. Apart from the free Wi-Fi zones, Wi-Fi is available for purchase. Please contact our Events Team by email for any additional internet/Wi-Fi requirements.

Am I allowed to bring outside food & beverages into NFCC?

No outside food or drink is allowed in the facility.

Where can I find an ABM Bank Machine?

You will find several ABMs in the area around the facility. Please ask at the box office for directions to your preferred bank.

Where can I charge my electronic devices?

The Exhibit Hall pre-function space offers a floor stand charging station equipped to power a variety of popular devices.

Who do I contact about Lost & Found?

If you lose or find something, please turn it in or check at the Box Office. To inquire about an item, please call 905-357-7008 with the date you lost or found the item, a description of the item and your contact information. Items will remain in Lost & Found for 30 days, after which they will be donated to a local charity.