Load-in Load-out

Designed and built with ease-of-use in mind, Niagara Falls Convention Centre provides direct ramp access to our show floor, as well as spacious and approachable loading zones. To ensure the seamless delivery of all product being delivered for your event, please make arrangements with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Please ensure you communicate the required number of docks for your load-in and load-out 30 days before your event date.
  • NFCC does not have on-site warehousing facilities and cannot accept any freight or deliveries prior to your contracted load-in date.
  • Anything delivered to Niagara Falls prior to your contracted dates must be sent directly to your service contractor.
  • Your official service contractor or freight carrier must deliver all freight, and all shipments delivered to our Centre during your load-in must be sent to the attention of your service contractor.
  • NFCC does not have truck marshalling facilities outside of the loading zone, however, the parking area located at the back of our Centre can be used for truck marshalling on non-event days and only on your contracted dates. Requests for use of the parking area must be provided to your Events Manager 30 days before your load-in date.
  • The control of ingress, egress and marshalling of trucks will be the sole responsibility of authorized NFCC security personnel. The loading zone must be manned at all times by a minimum of three security personnel.
  • Any vehicles and/or trailers left behind and occupying the loading zone during event days will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners’ expense unless prior arrangements have been made with your Events Manager.

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