Exhibiting FAQs

Whether we’ve heard your question dozens of times before, or you come up with a query that we’ve yet to encounter, we won’t rest until we have it answered.

The list of questions below provides answers to some of the things we’re asked most frequently, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email with anything that’s on your mind.

I am an exhibitor looking to order services. How do I do this?

Please visit our Online Orders page to complete this process. For additional assistance, please contact Exhibitor Services at 905-357-6222 ext. 7214 or by email.

How do I arrange shipments?

Shipments will only be accepted on your contracted move-in and setup date. Please contact Exhibitor Services at 905-357-6222 ext. 7214 with your questions.

How do I load in/out my materials?

Our loading dock is located on the west side of the building with entrances from Stanley Avenue and Dunn Street. All exhibit materials must be brought in via the loading dock.

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