One Piece Card Game – Treasure Cup

Registration: Registration for the event will open up December 19th at 6:00 PM EST. For this event, players will be registering through Best Coast Pairings.

Decklist Registration
Players may only play and submit a decklist of a deck they currently have built with official One Piece Card Game cards. An image of this deck must be sent via google doc.

Failure to submit this info before 9:00 AM EST on February 4th, 2023 will result in the player being dropped in round 1.

Please NOTE that decklist submission through BCP, although available, is not accepted as a form of checkin for the event. We will be using a google form to submit decklists.

This is an official One Piece event. The cards in your deck MUST BE IN ENGLISH. NO EXCEPTIONS. Playing with non-english cards may lead to game loss penalties. We really want to avoid this issue and have a fun and smooth event.