Adaptive Response

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the current public health situation, government regulations and industry practices may change over time. We continue to be diligent in staying up-to-date and compliant with orders and recommendations made by all levels of government. Our adaptive response and the contents herein are subject to change.

To discuss the contents of this response, call 905-357-7010 or email us.

Updated: June 16, 2022

Operational Solutions

Faced with a disruption unlike anything we have experienced before, we are still moving forward. The work of preparing for a restart is ongoing and happening alongside efforts to monitor the situation. As this situation continues to evolve, so too does our response. The actions we must take are based on principles deemed necessary by the government to keep people safe and healthy. Adapting to this new reality means staying positive and resilient. To that end, we stand committed to being a facility and a team that are easy to do business with. Our mission to provide flexible meeting spaces, exceptional food and beverage and direct access to Canada’s top leisure destination remains the same. Moving forward safely gives us an opportunity like no other to put our industry back on course. Working together, we can adapt.


All aspects of a meeting or event must manage the amount of face-to-face contact between people. Physical distancing of two metres or six feet is viewed as the single most effective measure for safe socializing.


Assistance is available to design new or modify existing floor plans and room layouts to comply with physical distancing requirements. Examples of factors to consider are entry and exit access points, foot traffic flows, room capacities, seating plans and aisle widths.


High-touch surfaces are to be disinfected frequently and repeatedly over the course of the day. Enhanced procedures for cleaning and disinfecting in shared spaces are to be performed using chemical solutions proven safe and effective by Health Canada.


An increased supply of touchless hand sanitizing dispensers can be found at priority locations. These dispensers are intended for high-volume use and are mobile for easy placement. They are to be checked and replenished regularly during a meeting or event.


In areas involving interaction between our staff and guests, unsafe physical contact is to be minimized by protective barriers. When possible, guests are encouraged to use cashless or electronic methods of payment at this time.


It is essential for our guests, partners, suppliers and staff to see the actions we are taking to keep them safe and healthy. Signage can be found posted throughout our facility as part of a campaign that communicates adherence to government public health guidelines.

Food & Beverage Solutions

Taking care to prepare and serve food and beverage safely has always been our priority. However, a restart of these services is going to require a more carefully organized and consultative approach. We look to leading foodservice providers and our regional public health unit for their continued guidance on best practices and responsible solutions. This support, combined with the dedication of our culinary team, offers an important boost of confidence as we move forward. The attitude we have adopted towards sourcing regional products, housemade preparations and made-in-Niagara wine pushes on. At a time when maintaining health is truly a team effort, custom menus that help to prioritize wellness and nutrition are also highly encouraged. Working together, we can restart.


Disinfecting all food contact surfaces, shared equipment and key touch points after every use

Updating cleaning schedules and logs to reflect the increase in disinfecting practices


Requiring use of non-medical disposable masks and nitrile gloves in all instances of food and beverage handling

Setting up sneeze guards where appropriate

*personal protective equipment


Proposing custom menu options with packaged meals and distanced service delivery methods

Deploying contactless payment services and protective barriers for all retail transactions


Distancing back-of-house workstations by two metres to keep culinary team members apart

Allocating a special station to sanitize food and beverage products delivered by our suppliers


Implementing return-to-work training that aligns with the new and existing protocols issued by public health officials

Requesting staff to do pre-work health checks